The Fitzroy *514 west 24st*


Projected Plans

Residential + Commercial 

 VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow)  HVAC systems , Exhaust & Radiant Floor Heat 

From the Ground up (10 story Building )

Basement & first floor will be commercial Art gallery. 

2nd-10th floor  will be Residential space.


*2nd floor -7th floor will be divided into separate Apartments. Floors 8,9,10 will be Penthouse style 

LG*VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) HVAC systems. with Branch Box

2nd-7th Floor  (2 apartments each floor)

3- Indoor Air handles with Branch Box 

Penthouses  (single floor)

3 indoor AirHandlers with Branch Box 

Duct work/piping/Drains

Exhaust (bathroom +Kitchen)

Risers from Basement to Roof.

Duct work with Fire damper ,access door and exhaust Fans 

Each Floor 2nd-10th has a total of 4 bathroom and two Kitchen exhaust 

Radiant Floor Heat

Floors 1-10   

Water pipe from Building to our Equipment 

 Heat Exchanger + Manifold

Warm Board 

1/2 inch Pex 

514 west 24st (overview)

Walk-thru  of our ongoing project .

LG VRF * The Fitzroy

OverView  from Roof Down  

Radiant Floor *The Fitzroy

walk-thru of the Radiant heat floor install